ELDAN products can be purchased directly at www.eldan.pl or in specialist stores with medical equipment.
Below you will find the list of points where you can buy our products:

 AUSTRIA: Renamed [website]

 CZECHIA: eldan.cz [website]

 ESTONIA: Magnolia Grand [website]

 FRANCE: Mylookpro [website]

 GERMANY: Medizinstyle [website], ShopDent24 [website]

 CROATIA and balkan countries: HORDREAM [website]

  LITHUANIA, LATVIA: Astravita [website]

  SLOVAKIA: POLYSTAR [website], Stomanet.eu [website]

 SLOVENIA: MK-PLUS [website]

Be our distributor in your country!

If you are interested in cooperation with premium polish brand of medical clothes and footwear do not hestitate to contact us!

mail: sales@eldan.pl

tel: 0048 17 774 57 50