We attach great importance to the fact that our protective clothing fully meets your requirements. Therefore, at the client's request and for an additional fee we make embroidery presenting logo and  the company name. We can take care of the embroidery and also develope chosen logo. It can be a full emblem or a simple inscription covering basic information about the institution.

Below a few useful information that will help you make decisions and take advantage of our offer:

  • one-time fee for logo developing for an embroidery machine is PLN 50 net,
  • in case of an order for a simple inscription (name, surname, function and name of the institution) the fee for logo developing is not included
  • the price of one embroidery depends on the number of needle prick - between 6 and 12 PLN net per item,
  • clothing with embroidery is not exchangeable or refundable.

We encourage you to contact us, ask additional questions and place orders.


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We offer you the option of marking clothing with identification labels. Such marking is durable and resistant to washing and ironing. Prints can withstand washing at 90 ° C and ironing at 200 ° C.

The prints may have an inscription with the name, function or company name. We can also put a logo in black.

We can make colorful prints on special orders.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact Sales Department.